Forestry static website CMS

Forestry static website CMS

Published on Apr 12, 2022 by Travis Lord

“ is a Git-backed CMS (content management system) for websites and web products built using static site generators. Forestry bridges the gap between developers and their teams, by making development fun and easy, while providing powerful content management for their teams.”

~Forestry Docs

Content Management Systems (CMS) are important components of web sites used for managing and creating posts, text content, titles, graphics and other content used by a website. Forestry takes a different spin on CMS by using git service providers as the backend storage system. This design choice has other benefits as well though. One key benefit being the ability to track version changes in files and content. The same way developers benefit from GIT’s branches, merging and isolated versions while working on source code together, Forestry allows content creators to benefit from the same set of features while add new material to their sites.