Learn about Google Lighthouse

Learn about Google Lighthouse

Published on Jan 22, 2023 by Travis Lord

Optimizing Website Speed and Performance with Google Lighthouse

Why is Website Speed and Performance Important?

Website speed and performance are crucial for creating a positive user experience. Slow loading times can lead to increased bounce rates, lower conversion rates, and negative user experiences. On the other hand, fast and responsive websites can lead to increased engagement, conversions, and positive user experiences.

How Does Google Lighthouse Evaluate Website Speed and Performance?

Google Lighthouse is a powerful tool for measuring the performance, accessibility, and quality of web pages. One of its key features is the ability to evaluate website speed and performance. Lighthouse evaluates website speed and performance by measuring various metrics, such as time to first byte (TTFB), first contentful paint (FCP), and time to interactive (TTI). These metrics give an overall picture of how quickly a webpage is loading and how responsive it is for users.

Tips for Improving Website Speed and Performance with Google Lighthouse

In addition to measuring website speed and performance, Lighthouse also provides suggestions for improvement. These suggestions include:

Compressing Images

Large images can slow down a webpage’s loading time. Lighthouse suggests compressing images to reduce their file size without sacrificing quality.

Minifying Code

Minifying code can reduce the number of bytes a webpage needs to download, which can improve loading times.

Reducing Server Requests

Each time a webpage makes a request to the server, it can slow down the loading time. Lighthouse suggests reducing the number of requests made to the server to improve loading times.


Using Google Lighthouse to regularly evaluate website speed and performance can help identify areas for improvement, allowing website owners to make necessary optimizations and improve the user experience. With the help of Lighthouse, you can ensure that your website is providing fast and responsive user experience to visitors, and also improve SEO.

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