Skills as a Front-End Developer

Skills as a Front-End Developer

Published on Nov 13, 2022 by Travis Lord

Skills as a Front End Developer - 2022

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are basic coding skills but what are some skills that make you stand out?

There are different types of web developers, all of whom participate in the coding, maintaining, and analysing the websites and significant projects worldwide.

While a Backend Developer builds the infrastructure that enables a website to handle data requests and queries. A front-end developer focuses on the user environment and experience and makes all of that accessible and convenient for the users

1. Basic Coding Skills

Frontend Devs must have basic skills that can build highly functional and secure websites, there is markup and JavaScript that every Fronted Developer must know:



→ JavaScript

2. Frameworks

Knowing the basics are important, frameworks add reliability, deployable and speed up the build time on most projects. Here are some frameworks that every developer should understand the fundamentals of:

CSS Frameworks


Tailwind CSS


JavaScript Frameworks




3.Designing Skills

A Frontend developer is the bridge between UI/UX designer and a Backend Developer. So it is aspected of a Frontend developer to be more creative and good at designing stuff online. Some skills are:


Basic Photoshop

Color Selection

4. Responsive Web Design

When you develop a website it’s very important that the website works efficiently on Mobile and Tablet. 92 percent of the users access the Internet using mobile phones making it completely necessary to build a website with a mobile-first. Helpful skills to use:

Media queries

Flexbox and Grid

5. Time management

Whether it’s the beginning of your Web Dev carrier or you are already a pro, time management is the skill you can’t afford to not have. You must effectively use your time to make the most out of the day and finish that project on time.

→ Maintain a To-do Task list - iA writer

→ Use time tacker - Toggl

→ Work with checklists

6. Using Web Tools

Developing Web sites has become a lot more simpler with many tools available out there to make your site perform better on the users end. Instead of doing everything from scratch with google and all other tools available online that save hours of work.

→ Use Code Generators

→ Tools to Configure Design

→ Using Code Optimization Tools

→ Code Validator - validator.w3

→ Use SEO tools - semrush

7. Testing

Testing front-end development evaluates an online app or software’s functionality, usability, and GUI. Testing is need for a finished product and can improve performance. Must do testing:

→ Performance Testing - PageSpeed Insights

→ Cross-Platform Testing - BrowserStack

And that’s it! Many thanks for reading, I hope you have found it helpful ✌️