Bloodhound Barber Shop, Subiaco

Bloodhound Barber Shop, Subiaco


Feb 12, 2023


Bloodhound Barbers


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Bloodhound Barbering is a top-rated barbershop located in Subiaco, Australia. With over 100 five-star reviews on Google, it’s clear that this business is highly respected by its clients. The team of experienced barbers at Bloodhound Barbering is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and haircuts that meet the specific needs and preferences of their clients. Whether you’re looking for a traditional Short Back n Sides or a modern Razor-faded pompadour, Bloodhound Barbering has got you covered. Plus, the traditional shop is complete with antique barber chairs, adding to the overall experience. It’s no surprise that Bloodhound Barbering has such a strong reputation - book an appointment or walk in and see for yourself!

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Bloodhound Barber Shop